iLifeSOMM Wellness, regeneration and sound BED for relaxation

A short vacation break! At Ladestatthof you can discover the most innovative form of health care for yourself. Experience true relaxation for body, mind and soul with our iLifeSOMM relaxation bed in just 12-24 minutes. A total of eight forms of therapy come together in this unique wellness system: from music and relaxation to sound, sound and vibration to magnetic resonance therapy, micromassage and far-infrared therapy.

This combination of vibration processes lets you feel deep relaxation and inner peace.

On our iLifeSOMM health bed you will also experience:

  • Promote concentration
  • Stress reduction
  • "Burn-out" prevention
  • Release of blockages, cramping and tension
  • Alleviation of complaints
  • Promote blood circulation
  • Relief of the spine, muscles and joints
  • Improve learning difficulties and fear of exams
  • Solution and removal of toxins and heavy metals

Charge energy and regenerate sustainably at Ladestatthof. The health bed can be booked at the reception for € 5.00 for 24 minutes.